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William Pinkney was born in Maryland on March 17, 1764 and died on February 25, 1822 He was a lawyer, statesman, soldier and diplomat and most notably served as seventh U.S. Attorney General. Pinkney served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1788 to 1792 and served in the House of Representatives from Maryland in 1791 and again for 1 term in 1815 . He was mayor of Annapolis from 1795 to 1800, Attorney General of Maryland from 1805 to 1806, co-U.S. Minister to Great Britain ) from 1806 to 1807, and Minister Plenipotentiary from 1808 until 1811. He was a major in the Army during the War of 1812 and was wounded at the Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland in August 1814. The top sheet of this labels has the following biography"Born at Annapolis, Md. March 17th 1764 and Died Feb 25th, 1822. He studied law and was admitted to the bar 1786. Was a member of the Maryland Convention called in 1788 to ratify the United States Constitution. In 1796 he was appointed one of the Commissioners to England under the Jay Treaty. Was Attorney General of Maryland in 1805. Minister to England 1801-11. Was Attorney General of the United States in 1811-14. Elected to Congress 1815 and in 1815 was minister to Russia. Elected to United States Senate in 1819 WE adopt the Name of this distinguished citezen of Maryland, as the title for our finest Brand of Cigars, with the assurance to our trade that the brand will be maintained in every way worthy of the name. S. Stern & Co.
Quality: Excellent
Topics: Americana
Company:  Stern & Thomson
City:  Baltimore
State:  MD
Year:  cc 1910
Size:  6"x8"
Price: $15.00